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Patisserie & Baked Goods

Patisserie & Baked Goods

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Baked Goods

Treat your dog to the delicious goodness of baked goods and patisserie dog treats.

Hand-crafted right here in Australia, these delicious baked dog treats will satisfy your best buds sweet tooth while providing a welcome change from their regular diet. These tasty treats contain 100% Australian ingredients, including carob, a chocolate-like ingredient for dogs that makes them a great training reward or occasional snack.

  • Suitable as an occasional snack or training treat
  • Contains 100% Australian and dog-safe ingredients
  • Contains carob (chocolate for dogs!) and other natural ingredients
  • Baked in Australia

Our cookies are all handmade al, using all dog friendly ingredients including yoghurt and carob as the "frosting". 

Carob is high in vitamin B2, calcium, magnesium, and iron. Carob also contains vitamin B1, niacin and vitamin A

Common Ingredients: wheat flour, bran, whole eggs, apple vinegar cider, low fat milk solids, carob, yoghurt solids, carob powder, natural food colouring, no preservatives added

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