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Party Doggo Pie

Party Doggo Pie

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Introducing our Aussie favorite: the Pork-filled Party Doggo Pies! These delectable treats capture the essence of a beloved Aussie tradition in a form your furry friend will adore. Carefully crafted with wholemeal flour, organic honey, organic oats, and featuring pork lung mince and carob gravy, these pies are a must-have for any pup's party.

Each party pie is a labor of love, meticulously molded and filled with the savory goodness of pork lung and carob gravy. But what's a pie without that essential touch of tomato sauce? Fear not – we've included doggy-friendly icing to complete the experience.

These treats aren't just about flavor; they're a celebration of taste and nutrition. Packed with premium ingredients and essential nutrients, the Pork-filled Party Doggo Pies offer a savory indulgence that also supports your dog's overall health and well-being.

Whether it's a reward for good behavior or simply a way to add some fun to your pup's day, these pies promise to make every treat time a festive occasion, filled with tail-wagging delight and a taste of Aussie charm for your beloved furry companion.

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