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Hot Dog

Hot Dog

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Hot Dog Dog Biscuit – a fun and flavorful treat that's as playful as it is delicious! Crafted with care using wholemeal flour, rice flour, and a touch of organic honey, these biscuits are a whimsical delight for your furry friend. Topped off with doggy-friendly icing and colorful veggie coloring, these treats are sure to add a pop of excitement to treat time.

While these biscuits resemble hot dogs, they're designed with your dog's safety in mind. We recommend supervising your pup when chewing and suggest these for dogs who take smaller bites. For those enthusiastic eaters who tend to swallow treats whole, we recommend breaking the biscuit into bite-sized pieces for safer enjoyment.

These biscuits aren't just about fun shapes; they're a blend of wholesome ingredients that cater to your dog's taste and well-being. With the careful inclusion of nutritious elements and safe ingredients, these treats offer both a delightful taste and essential nutrients for your furry companion.

Make treat time an adventure with the Hot Dog Dog Biscuit, a playful snack that brings joy, color, and tail-wagging happiness to your beloved pup's day.

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