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Pet Dental Oil Gel

Pet Dental Oil Gel

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Pet Dental Oil / Gel

A delicious 100% Natural Dental Oil for Pet's - Fresh Minty Taste

Pet Dental Gel is a professional strength formula with 100% natural ingredients that help maintain healthy gums and teeth. A powerful combination of herbal extracts and essential oils that provide defence against bacteria that cause gingivitis, plaque and tartar.Ā 


Vegetable Glycerine, MCT Coconut Oil, Colloidal Silver, Alfalfa Extract, Chlorophyll, Peppermint & Spearmint Therapeutic Essential Oil


Made in small batches Melbourne Australia


Easy to use, simply use 1 - 2 pumpsĀ  onĀ Teeth and gums. Your pet will wash around mouth with tongue. You don't even have to brush their teeth if it's too difficult.

Or gently rub into Teeth & Gums with a cotton pad or use a toothbrush, Gentle brushing only.

Freshens Breath, Kills Bacteria, Reduces Plaque Build up.

Use Daily for Best Results - you only need a small amount to be effective

Excellent results after 14 - 28 days but use daily!

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