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Dog Biscuit

Dog Biscuit

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Our wholesome, tail-wagging delights: traditional baked dog biscuits crafted with your furry friend's health in mind. These low-fat, high-fiber treats are a testament to both nutrition and taste, meticulously baked without any artificial colors to ensure a natural, flavorful experience for your canine companion.

Crafted in Australia, these biscuits combine local and imported ingredients to create a delectable blend. Whole wheat flour, cane sugar, and canola oil form the foundation, while the hint of vanilla flavor and golden syrup infuse each bite with an irresistible sweetness. What sets these biscuits apart is their dedication to canine health – enriched with essential vitamins, minerals, parsley for fresh breath, and sea salt for that perfect balance of flavor.

These biscuits aren't just a tasty snack; they're a dental superhero, proven to reduce tartar build-up, promoting your dog's oral health with every delightful crunch. With a meticulous analysis that ensures optimal nutrition, they boast a protein content of 12%, a low 3% fat content, and an impressive 10% fiber to keep those tails wagging with joy.

Indulge your furry friend guilt-free, knowing these biscuits contain only 10% moisture and a mere 0.8% salt, making them a deliciously healthy treat. Your pet deserves the best, and these biscuits deliver both health and happiness in every bite.

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